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Become a freshOk Partner & earn up to ₹50,000 / month

Work From Home and Earn Upto ₹50,000 Per Month
Start Your Own Business In 30 Seconds
Zero Investment, Zero Infrastructure, Zero Physical work
Become your Community Micro-Entrepreneur

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How it works?

Step 1:

Open your online fresh produce delivery business in 30 seconds with no investment, no infrastructure, no supply & delivery hassles. Everything is taken care of by freshOk.

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Step 2:

Add your friends and neighbors to your store by sharing the freshOk app with your store referral code.

Step 3:

When a customer places an order and the order is delivered successfully by freshOk delivery boy, you get up to 15% of the order amount. 

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Step 4:

Your earnings will be settled directly in your bank account. You can also purchase products from freshOk using this amount with no limits.


  • You can earn up to ₹50,000 each month

  • Earnings would be settled directly into your bank account. You can also purchase products from freshOk with no limits

  • You have to do NO delivery, NO investment, NO physical work

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Hear from others!


Vedant Jha

(Sushant Lok)

Last month I earned ₹16,720 from home with very little effort. Becoming a freshOk partner was my best decision. Happy to be a part of the freshOk family.

Becoming a freshOk partner has definitely changed a lot for me. Now I have a source of passive income & I can support my family financially.


Shafali Khurana

(Rajendra Park)

Happy partners, Happy freshOk!

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